Cloth Wipes: Simple. Affordable. Good for Baby.

When I first decided to use cloth diapers, I also decided to use cloth wipes. I never questioned the decision; it just seemed like the logical thing to do. This is a description of my system and some other options for you to consider.

I use a cloth wipes warmer.  For a long time I made my own wipe solution: 1 TBS baby soap, 1 TBS olive (or coconut) oil and water. I did eventually switch to a pre-made commercial wipes solution after calculating the cost of my homemade solution. The pre-made was just as inexpensive over the life of the bottle, and it worked and smelled great.

Using cloth wipes is a breeze. I throw the dirty wipe in the pail or wet bag with the diapers and wash them all together. If you use disposable wipes, you are either throwing them in a separate trash can, or are picking them out of the clean laundry after they’ve been needlessly washed. To me, that is an unnecessary added step.

Ways to use cloth wipes at home.

1. Store them wet in a cloth wipes warmer.
2. Store them wet in a plastic container with a lid.
3. Store them dry and use a spray bottle with solution to spray on the wipe or directly on baby.
4. Store them dry and use a peri bottle to pour the solution onto the wipe.
5. Store them dry, and store a solution in a large container. Dip the dry wipe into the container to moisten each time.

Using water only:

Do not store wipes wet with water only. They will get musty very quickly. However, you can store wipes dry and moisten with water at each diaper change. Water works fine, but a solution really does work better with stuck on poop and to freshen baby’s bottom.

How to use cloth wipes on the go.

1. Store them wet in leak proof container or bag such as a small wetbag.
2. Store them dry and moisten with water.
3. Store them dry and moisten with a spray solution.
I use the AppleCheeks spray and also use it to wipe messy little hands and faces.

Types of Cloth Wipes:

I like a nice large wipe that will cover an adult’s hand. The Changing Table carries all of my favorite brands. I prefer natural fiber wipes and like Bottombumpers organic cotton wipes the most. They are large, thick, and soft with bamboo velour on one side and organic cotton on the other. Kristina loves the terry cloth GroVia wipes. We also carry Thirsties organic cloth wipes, AppleCheeks and Tail Feathers bamboo velour wipes. All are great brands. You can also use baby washcloths if they are large and thick, or make your own wipes.

Cost Savings:

How many wipes will you need? I suggest having around 24 wipes or one for each diaper that you have. You will spend $1-$2 per wipe. Disposable wipes will cost around $550 from birth to potty training. That’s over $500 in savings!

Health of Baby:

Have you ever had a pediatrican tell you not to use wipes when baby has a bad rash? That’s because disposable wipes burn. Disposable wipes contain preservatives, surfactants, artificial fragrance and parabens. The wipes themselves are made from melted plastic pellets and pressed synthetic materials.

What would you want wiping your bottom? For me, it was an easy decision. I hope you will consider the benefits of using cloth wipes if you are not already using them.


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