Our Journey

At The Changing Table we are more than a baby store!  We are a community resource for natural parenting. We provide beautiful, functional alternatives to mainstream parenting practices that save money and lessen your child’s impact on the environment.

This is our story…

In the fall of 2008, Kristina and I sat in the office of a local accounting firm and dreamed of the day when we could make simple, natural, healthy choices for our two babies that were to be born the following summer. Like all moms, we wanted the best for our children and one of the easiest decisions was to cloth diaper. My oldest child experienced a reaction to the chemicals found in disposable diapers, so I knew reusable cloth diapers were the best option to protect the next baby’s little skin and immune system. Kristina wanted to make a smaller footprint and leave this earth a little better for her son. Since disposable diapers are the third largest consumer item in landfills, using reusable diapers was also an easy choice for her.  As we planned together, each accumulating “diaper stashes”, we quickly realized how overwhelming the choices can be.


The “bumGenius wall” in our in-home store.
As our research expanded, and our frustration with the lack of local resources grew, our passion for educating about cloth diapers also increased day by day.  The research into personal diapering choices planted a seed that quickly grew into the birth of a new cloth diaper store, The Changing Table.
 In the fall of 2009, The Changing Table opened as an online and in-home store focused on helping parents make the best diapering choices for their little ones. It was a labor of love. Kristina and Elizabeth quickly became a local resource for one-on-one education and worked days, evenings, and weekends meeting with clients and answering phone calls and emails.
The Changing Table outgrew the in-home store and opened a brick and mortar in south Oklahoma City in October of 2012.  We wanted to keep the intimate feeling of the previous location, so we created a warm, fun, and kid-friendly store.
store photo pano
As The Changing Table continued to evolve, we added selections of baby carriers, breastfeeding necessities, environmentally safe teethers, toys, and more. We choose our products carefully by selecting items that are functional, beautiful, and sustainably made.
In November 2015, we moved to the 16th Street Plaza Distrist to provide our customers with even more services in a family-friendly shopping and entertainment area. We’ve changed our look and logo, but our core values and commitment to educating remain the same.
 We’ve kept our most popular brands and products and have now added clothing, books, and new brands of detergents, swaddles, skin care, and more!
Shopping locally with us guarantees one on one troubleshooting whenever you need it.   We are not just a store.  This is a community.

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