Top 5 Potty Training Tips

The Changing Table’s Top 5 Potty Training Tips

1. Look for signs of readiness (waking up from naps dry, an interest in the potty, etc)
2. Make potty training a positive experience. Focus on the wins and ignore or minimize the misses/accidents.
3. Figure out what motivates your child and use it to your advantage. A few m&ms or craisins might make the difference for some kids. Remember a reward is earned after the behavior happens.
4. Potty charts with fun stickers give the child a visual record and reminder of his or her accomplishments.
5. Trainers are a really great tool. However, some kids don’t need them. I always encourage caregivers to take the child to the store and let them pick out big kid undies before buying trainers. You will eventually use the underwear even if you do end up buying training pants, but sometimes you won’t have too. Peeing on Mickey or Dora could be a disaster for some children. If you decide you want or need trainers, you can get them here. IMG_6493[1].JPG

BONUS: If your child is accident free during the day, but still wet in the morning when they wake up, consider your schedule. Limit liquids one hour before bed and wake up before your toddler. If they are early risers, sometimes those moments before we get to them is when they are actually wetting. Getting to them while they are still asleep will give you an opportunity to get them to the potty before that morning pee.

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