The Changing Table was founded out of a desire to EDUCATE others.

Kristina and Elizabeth began holding in-home cloth diaper classes in the Fall of 2009 to meet a need in the local OKC community. It has been a primary focus of the store since that time.

For more information on our Cloth Diaper 101 and Babywearing 101 Classes, continue reading below. For information on other local events, visit our Facebook page HERE.

Our comprehensive CLOTH DIAPER 101 class is perfect for beginners and those wanting to know more about cloth diapering. At our class you receive hands-on instruction with each type of reusable diaper. Learn about the different types of diapers, different kinds of fabrics, and pros and cons of each. Learn best washing practices for the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas based on years of experience with our water conditions. Learn what to use (and not use) on your diapers for best results. Our guidance will help you determine what type of diaper(s) may be best for your individual situation.

Cost $20 per family

**The Changing Table has been teaching cloth diapering classes in Oklahoma City since 2009. Your class will be taught by a cloth diaper expert.**

Please use the link HERE to register.

Our BABYWEARING 101 class is designed for the beginning babywearer or those wanting to learn about carrier options. Our class covers the benefits of babywearing, the development of baby as it relates to being worn, and how to wear safely. We will show you how to use wraps, mei tais, ring slings, and soft-structured carriers. You will be able to try on our demos at the end of the class and find the right fit for you.

Cost to attend class is $25 per couple

Please fill out the form HERE if you plan on attending.

**The Changing Table’s Babywearing 101 class is taught by a Certified Babywearing Instructor.**

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