Cloth Diaper Stripping Service

While stripping or “deep cleaning” cloth diapers isn’t always needed, there are times when more than just a wash is needed.  If you don’t have the time or energy to strip diapers, we will do it for you.  Take advantage of our stripping service.  Simply drop off your diapers and we will have them ready to pick up within 3 business days (excluding weekends).  For a small fee you can get loaner diapers.

The details:

1-12 Diapers* – $15

13-24 Diapers* $25

25 – 36 Diapers* – $35

Over 36 diapers call for a quote. (405) 632-5684

* A Diaper constitutes the entire diaper.  For a pocket, it is the shell and insert, an AIO is one piece, prefolds and covers each count as a piece.

Fill out our diaper inventory sheet, call the store at (405) 632-5684 to arrange drop off and decide if you need loaner diapers.  Loaner diapers are $10 for prefolds and $15 for Pockets.

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